Mac Anderson prints - page 4

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shearwaters2.JPG shrimp boat.JPG sm black necked stilts.JPG sm buffleheads.JPG
Shearwaters2 Shrimp Boat Small Black Necked Stilts Small Buffleheads
sm camellia.JPG sm coots.JPG sm heron & cypress.JPG sm magnolia.JPG
Small Camellia Small Coots Small Heron and Cypress Small Magnolia
fiddler & oyster shells.JPG fishing in the bayou.JPG flounderers.JPG sm pitcher plants.JPG
Fiddler & Oyster Shells Fishing in the Bayou Flounderers Small Pitcher Plants
small great egret.JPG small oyster tongers.JPG small snowy egret.JPG snowy egret & fiddler.JPG
Small Great Egret Small Oyster Tongers Small Snowy Egret Snowy Egret and Fiddler

These are un-retouched photos of prints -- from linoleum blocks that were destroyed during Katrina.

Last updated: 20/12/05