Mac Anderson prints

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'anne's fish'.JPG avocet.JPG avocet2.JPG big blue heron.JPG
Anne's Fish Avocet Avocet2 Big Blue Heron
bird watchers.JPG black bellied plover.JPG black necked stilt (one).JPG black necked stilts.JPG
Bird Watchers Black Bellied Plover Black Necked Stilt (one) Black Necked Stilts
black necked stilts2.JPG blue crab & oyster shells.JPG blue winged teal.JPG bromeliad.JPG
Black Necked Stilts2 Blue Crab & Oyster Shells Blue Winged Teal Bromeliad
buffle heads.JPG cardinal.JPG cardinal2.JPG oyster tongers.JPG
Buffle Heads Cardinal Cardinal2 Oyster Tongers
oystershells.JPG pelican.JPG persimmons.JPG persimmons2.JPG
Oyster Shells Pelican Persimmons Persimmons2

These are un-retouched photos of prints -- from linoleum blocks that were destroyed during Katrina.

Last updated: 20/12/05