Art of James McConnell Anderson

    You are invited to share the experience of loving art and nature that is expressed in the work of the Anderson family of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA.
    This site was originally intended to make the silk screen prints of James McConnell Anderson available. Then along came Katrina. A few prints are still available (see top link below). Another link shows prints that should be available again soon, and another photos of original art work salvaged from his home at Shearwater.


Giclée Prints

+  Available silk screen prints by J. McC. Anderson (check back, we are adding to this list)
+  Story of Mac's wife, Sara, after Katrina
+  Photos of art from Mac's house (photos taken post Katrina)
+  Photos of pottery found near Mac and Sara's house after Katrina
+  Photos of prints by J. McC. Anderson (taken pre-Katrina, some not currently available)
+  Shearwater Pottery home page
+  Infinity Company Slate Tables as seen in the Shearwater Pottery Showroom
+  Walter Anderson Museum of Art
+  The Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center
+  Realizations, the Walter Anderson Store
+  Order prints now!


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Art of James McConnell Anderson