Sara's Story

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livingroomsm.jpg beesh&papachristmas.jpg
Living room, taken from back window, toward front porch. Christmas at home, mid ninties.
papabackwindow.jpg beeshthrubella1.JPG
Papa looking out back window in the '90's. Four generations, in Texas, after Katrina.
fireplace from front porch.jpg frontporch towardharbor.jpg
Fireplace from front porch. Taken from driveway, looking across front porch, thru living room, and 'out back window'.
towardannie'sroomfrom front.jpg kitchen tree from corner porch.jpg
Front yard, to right of door. Stripped azaleas in foreground. Taken from southwest corner front porch, looking north, toward the location of the deck off the kitchen.

Before and after Katrina pictures of the house and family.

Last updated: 3/1/06