Pottery -- Box 5

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IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0746.JPG IMG_0747.JPG IMG_0748.JPG IMG_0812.JPG
Crab pot lid Crab pot 1 Crab pot 2 Crab pot 3 Crab pot bottom
IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0757.JPG IMG_0759.JPG
Crab pot (pieces assembled) Pine tree bowl (slip decorated) Fishermen vase Sunflower bowl Shearwaters vase 1
IMG_0761.JPG IMG_0762.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0815.JPG
Shearwaters vase 2 Shearwaters vase 3 Shearwaters vase 4 Shearwaters vase 5 Shearwaters vase bottom
IMG_0765.JPG IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0767.JPG IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0819.JPG
Orca goblet 1 Orca goblet 2 Orca goblet 3 Orca goblet 4 Orca goblet bottom
IMG_0769.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0772.JPG IMG_0774.JPG
Shoal bowl 1 Shoal bowl 2 Shoal bowl bottom Shoal Cookie Jar (second) 1 Shoal Cookie Jar (second) 2
IMG_0821.JPG IMG_0775.JPG IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0803.JPG
Shoal Cookie Jar bottom Cat vase (?) piece (?) bottom piece decorated pendant -- Dele elephant 1 (obviously not Shearwater :-))
IMG_0804.JPG IMG_0807.JPG IMG_0808.JPG IMG_0809.JPG IMG_0811.JPG
elephant 2 (obviously not Shearwater :-)) decorated thimble 1 -- Dele decorated thimble 2 -- Dele decorated thimble 3 -- Dele decorated thimble 4 -- Dele

Photos of some of the pieces of decorated pottery found after Katrina in/near Mac and Sara's house.

Last updated: 19/3/06