Pottery -- Box 2

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2.1 goblet br/shoal(cr).JPG 2.2 woman on horse/turq.JPG 2.3 a.g. sugar(cr).JPG 2.4 bud vase/shoal bl(cr).JPG
iced tea goblet/alkaline bl/br(cr) woman on horse/turq a.g. sugar(cr) bud vase/shoal bl(cr)
2.5 pitcher/turq(thrown-Pete's).JPG 2.6 #10 pitcher br/cream.JPG 2.7 brandy snifter(pete's) shgr/br.JPG 2.8 brandy snifter shbl(pete's).JPG
pitcher/turq(thrown-Pete's) pitcher br/cream brandy snifter(pete's) shgr/br brandy snifter shbl(pete's)
2.9 goblet blrain(chp).JPG 2.10 goblet(sm) A.G.(pete's).JPG 2.11 duck lampbase A.G. (chp).JPG 2.12 goblet blrain.JPG
goblet/reglazed blrain(chp) goblet(sm) A.G.(pete's) duck lampbase A.G. (chp) goblet/reglazed blrain
2.13 sugar bowl wisteria(2nd,cr).JPG 2.14 goblet lt.bl(cr).JPG 2.15 MA black figures on vase.JPG 2.15 MA black figures on vase2.JPG
sugar bowl wisteria(2nd,cr) goblet lt.bl(cr) MA black figures on vase MA black figures on vase2
2.15 MA black figures on vase3.JPG 2.15 MA black figures on vase4.JPG
MA black figures on vase3 MA black figures on vase4

Photos of pottery found after Katrina in/near Mac and Sara's house.

Last updated: 19/1/06