Pottery -- Box 1

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1.1 sm pickle dish.JPG 1.2 cereal bowl/br.JPG 1.3 frog / bl rain.JPG 1.4 sm pickle dish2.JPG
small pickle dish cereal bowl/br frog / bl rain sm pickle dish2
1.5 cereal bowl/shoal/br.JPG 1.6 cereal bowl/cream/gr.JPG 1.7 sm cup(Adele) br.JPG 1.8 cereal bowl/shoal blue.JPG
cereal bowl/shoal/br cereal bowl/fall green sm cup(Adele) br cereal bowl/shoal blue
1.9 seated mammy/washing.JPG 1.10 seated mammy.JPG 1.11 rum pirate.JPG 1.12 pheasant.JPG
seated mammy/washing seated mammy rum pirate pheasant
1.13 mammyw/dish onhead.JPG 1.14 mammyw/dish on head2.JPG 1.15 baseball runner.JPG 1.16 black man walking.JPG
mammy w/dish onhead mammyw/dish on head2 baseball runner black man walking
1.17 woman&child running.JPG 1.18 old man/cotton picker.JPG 1.19 pirate w/sword.JPG
woman&child running old man/cotton picker pirate w/sword

Photos of pottery found after Katrina in/near Mac and Sara's house.

Last updated: 19/1/06