Screen Prints by James McConnell Anderson

James McConnell Anderson -- a master printmaker, painter, and decorator of pottery -- evolved a unique and individual style over a period of nine decades. He is the younger brother to Peter and Walter Anderson, both well-known Mississippi artists. Two years of architectural training contributed structured, flat spaces to his artwork, reflecting calmness of spirit and timelessness. Below are some silk screen prints which are available, made from the linoleum block prints carved by James McConnell Anderson.

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These silk screen prints are from linoleum blocks originally and are hand painted.
Each will be unique. Most are available on either arches cover or mulberry paper (both acid-free).

anne's fish.JPG big blue.JPG birdwatchers.JPG blkbelliedplvr.JPG
Fish Big Blue Heron & Fiddler Crab Birdwatchers Black Bellied Plover
black necked stilts.JPG cardinalw.jpg flounderers mul..JPG hawk.JPG
Black Necked Stilts Cardinal Flounderers Hawk
crab.JPG blue winged teal.JPG cooningoysters.JPG mockingbirdyaupon.JPG
Crab Blue Winged Teal Cooing for Oysters Mockingbird in Yaupon
heron in cypress mul..JPG ivorybilledwdpkr.JPG kingfisherw.jpg littlegreenheronw.jpg
Heron in Cypress Swamp Ivorybilled Woodpecker Kingfisher Little Green Heron
magnoliaw.jpg oystertongerw.jpg oystershells.JPG pelican.JPG
Magnolia Oyster Tonger Oyster Shells Pelican
persimmontree.JPG pitcherplant.JPG pitcherplantw.jpg rooster.JPG
Persimmon Tree Pitcher Plant (yellow) Pitcher Plant (red) Rooster
sailboat.JPG shearwaters.JPG shrimpboat.JPG smpitcherplant.JPG
Sailboat Shearwaters Shrimpboat Small Pitcher Plant
small snowy.JPG two fishermen.JPG turtle.JPG umbmagmul.JPG
Small Snowy Egret Two Fishermen Turtle Umbrella Magnolia
two coots.JPG turpentineman.JPG two pelicans.JPG 04e1_1.JPG
Two Coots Turpentine Man Two Pelicans Card Assortment

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Last updated: 21/11/08