James McConnell Anderson Giclée Prints

These prints are from oil paintings
which were originally done on masonite.
Giclee prints are available in various sizes. To order, marti.cockrell at gmail.com .
The dimensions of the original paintings are listed below each image.

Great Egret.jpg Big Blue Heron.jpg Picnic on Belle Fontaine.jpg
Great Egret
(original size 16" x 24")
Big Blue Heron
(original size 16" x 26")
Picnic on Belle Fontaine
(original size 16" x 24")
Fishing on the Bayou .jpg Gulf Beach.jpg Large Pitcher Plants.jpg
Fishing on the Bayou
(original size 15" x 24")
Gulf Beach
(original size 18" x 24")
Large Pitcher Plants
(original size 24" x 47")
Skimmer.jpg Magnolia.jpg Shrimp Boat pastel.jpg
(original size 20" x 30")
(original size 16" x 24")
Shrimp Boat off Marsh Point
(original size 6" x 8.5")
Shrimp Boat on Mississippi.jpg The Flounderers.jpg Two Black Necked Stilts.jpg
Shrimp Boat on the Mississippi Sound
(original size 15" x 15")
(original size 24" x 47")
Black Necked Stilts
(original size 18" x 24")
Four Shearwater Skimmers.jpg Three Fisherman tryptic.jpg Beesh and Papa on Pier.jpg
Four Skimmers
(original size 24" x 48")
Three Fishermen
(original size 24" x 26")
Mac and Sara on Pier
(original size 24" x 48")

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Last updated: 7/13/12