James McConnell Anderson Giclée Prints

These prints are from oil paintings
which were originally done on masonite.
Giclee prints are available in various sizes. Email to order.
The dimensions of the original paintings are listed below each image.

Great Egret.jpg Big Blue Heron.jpg Picnic on Belle Fontaine.jpg
Great Egret
(original size 16" x 24")
Big Blue Heron
(original size 16" x 26")
Picnic on Belle Fontaine
(original size 16" x 24")
Fishing on the Bayou .jpg Gulf Beach.jpg Large Pitcher Plants.jpg
Fishing on the Bayou
(original size 15" x 24")
Gulf Beach
(original size 18" x 24")
Large Pitcher Plants
(original size 24" x 47")
Skimmer.jpg Magnolia.jpg Shrimp Boat pastel.jpg
(original size 20" x 30")
(original size 16" x 24")
Shrimp Boat off Marsh Point
(original size 6" x 8.5")
Shrimp Boat on Mississippi.jpg The Flounderers.jpg Two Black Necked Stilts.jpg
Shrimp Boat on the Mississippi Sound
(original size 15" x 15")
(original size 24" x 47")
Black Necked Stilts
(original size 18" x 24")
Four Shearwater Skimmers.jpg Three Fisherman tryptic.jpg Beesh and Papa on Pier.jpg
Four Skimmers
(original size 24" x 48")
Three Fishermen
(original size 24" x 26")
Mac and Sara on Pier
(original size 24" x 48")

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Last updated: 7/13/12